Our Testimonials

Myself applied PR 2 times get rejected, last year I let Super Consultation handle the entire process with professionalism, finally, I received an approval letter last week. I will recommend it to my friend. well done!

Choon Keng

Production Technician,Malaysian

我是香港人嫁给马来西亚老公,由于我的情况有些特殊,还好有Super的专员的指导才顺利提交申请。等了1年又3个月终于一家人获批了。碰巧疫情期间封国的情况下,Super专员也协助我们入境SG完成PR formalities。他们很专业在做服务,2年后申请公民也许会在找他们协助。

Kacy Chou


I’m busy on my job, so i assign super cosultation handle hold of application process, they entire team very experienced  from the start of preparing documents til online submission. I get my PR after 11 month of waiting. Happy….Yeah!

Melinda Li